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Eric C

I like the topic and the suggestions with one exception; gift cards. I believe this is were you get close to the edge of monetary incentives. A gift card is money in just another form and I would suggest staying away from that one.

My biggest problem with 'spiffs' in gift cards or money is when they are given to channel partners who all of a sudden are making thousands of dollars in 'hidden commissions' and they start pushing products that are not the best fit for a customer. A major reseller has changed their policy on this recently and is now seeing an exodus of sales people because they became used to this benefit.

Tom Kuhn

Great article Danny. A couple of your "Top Non-Cash Incentives" are rooted in strong leadership principles. Gallup shares your ideas and highlights employees biggest "disincentives" -- #1 being weak management: http://www.gallup.com/businessjournal/182321/employees-lot-managers.aspx

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