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Excellent Article!
I have seen #2 occurring in my meetings with clients.
A reoccurring theme seems to be how do we have rapid growth this year?

In a meeting just this morning I met with a CEO and I asked " What is your growth objectives for 2017?" He shared sales have been flat to declining for the past 24 months and he really "needs" to see 20%+ growth to catch up and offset rising costs, particularly health care.

One of the leading reasons I have observed sales teams are struggling is organizations have failed to stay close to the voice of the customer and adjust. They are using dated value propositions they have used for 15 years and they are not hitting the numbers because their message no longer resonates with buyers today. Sales will spend time as you shared in #1, but I argue it should not be sales but marketing doing this work.

As you shared in #2, the CEO now is willing to explore new, out of the box ways to hit his numbers.

Thanks again for the thought leadership

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