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Larry Duckworth

All very good selection points. Getting 'go to players' at each position is key to the "coach" being a winner, versus being forced to look for a new team to coach.

Four added points (from my "Primordial B2B Sales Management" ebook):
1. Beyond Empathy, is Customer Touch Need (y-axis), contrasted to solution Complexity (x-axis), on a four-quadrants matrix. The upper right is Consultative/Solution selling. The upper left is Relationships selling. The lower right is RFP/Features selling; the lower left is Transaction selling. The sales person's attitudes and personality and spatial thinking needs are very different, and need to be built into the selection criteria... once you know the Customer Touch Needs. The Challey Group's "Quadrant Solution" is a great book in this regard. Have used it for years as CSO.
2. For complex/big ticket B2B selling, "Tiered" selling is needed. The Senior Account Manager needs to be strong in Relationships and Thought Leadership. Keep him or her at that level, supported by Solution Engineers and others that will backfill. Don't have them go down to the "wavetops" of features too much.
3. For Consultative/Solution Selling, industry domain expertise is important. They need to lead the prospect's mind to the right ends and means, but not take them over a cliff due to lack of specific industry knowledge.
4. The skills for selling "once-in-the-door" are very different than "getting-in-the-door prospecting" skills. Know he difference, and recruit for it.

For criteria I use contact me at lduckworth@primordialleader.com, 404-307-0033.

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