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This is a very interesting post. I read it because I thought the statement was rubbish, but the more I read it, and the more I thought about it, I ended up agreeing.
While you (I) could argue that it depends on what you are selling - the more complex the product the more engagement you need - you can't escape the fact that technology is enabling excellent customer engagement without leaving the office, or your home. This is especially true for high quality video conferencing (not Skype!).
I've been in 'field sales' forever and reflecting on this post the only real value I can see from face to face interactions if I'm truly honest, is the relationship building that you get that you can't get via video or phone. The level of trust necessary for customers to make big purchases can only be gained by sitting down with them. Having said that, once established, you definitely don't have to be sit with them in person every time - actually that trust enables you to interact well via video, etc.
Very interesting post.

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