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Larry Duckworth

Good post, especially related to the last part re B2B customers controlling how to be served.

In my "Primordial B2B Sales Management" ebook, based on my CSO to CEO(s) evolution over time, I review that there are four quadrants in that regard, each with very different skill sets involved for success. Selecting the right people to start with is about 90% of the success factor. Trying to develop a rock (no pejorative intended) seldom works.

Larry Duckworth, ,404-307-0033 for questions.

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Lynn Johnson

Selling is the art of providing a solution to a customer's problem and doing so ethically and with mutual respect.

Ashith Kunder


Michael Damphousse, Green Leads

Sales is helping the buyer buy what they want.

If we educate a buyer and we ask the right questions that will walk them through their own buying process, they will eventually ask you to take their business.


The best way to sell is to not sell at all. Show genuine interest in the prospect/customer and kindle enough interest in him/her to want to try your offer. A relationship develops which lasts a life time.

Phil Lauterjung

From a simplistic standpoint selling could be defined as communication and collaboration - both internally and externally. But then that begs the question as to how one defines communication and collaboration.

Good communication always starts with the understanding that the best communicators do more listening than talking initially. Sales people have always needed to understand the customer's needs first, then they can begin to communicate their proposed solution.

Once they reach the point of agreement on the customer's issue to be solved then they can begin the collaboration process (still using good communication skills) with the customer to develop that solution. This often circles back around to the selling organization's internal support structure where the process of communication and collaboration needs to be used as well, in order to support the process with the customer.

Of course underlying this needs to be an established level of trust between the seller and the buyer, which ideally is what happens if the initial stages of communication are handled well.

Irina haydon


Great question and great feedback from everyone.

For me "Selling" has always been about "Making a Difference"! If the customer is not better off after you leave them - than you did not sell anything - you only "manipulated".
Furthermore I believe we slowly are moving into a generation with more desire to make a difference than to make a living.
Selling is probably the most live and active phenomenon forever and ever transforming.

Rick Santopietro

Selling is finding needs that your product or service can impact, but then gaining agreement from a d.m. on what the added value of fulfilling that need would do for his or her company.

Patricio Guzman

Hi - good issue.
In my vision selling really means "to provide value to your client in a way that he or she could perceive and capture". Value on the other hand, exist in this context if you have a better solution for a 'key customer business issue' in comparison with his own solution or those provided by competitors.

vidal villegas

to me..
its nothing more than FIND out what they want (need,problem is)
and then GIVE to them in abundance with your product.
Sell is a two step process, Find & Give.
Find= Consulting
Give=Presentation (Feature-Benefit-commitment).

Vidal Villegas
Director Sales & Marketing
Villa Del Palmar Loreto
Villa Group

Peter Cavallo

What I believe Selling is and the purpose of selling is to help people. This spirt does not go out of style or become outdated, because people always need help.

Christian Maurer


I fully agree. Sellers should facilitate the customers' buying processes. To be able to do so, they must understand and adapt to how the customers want to buy.

Christian Maurer
Sales Effectiveness Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Kevin Jessip

Selling is a process and if you wish to control the end result you must control the process, which is so to say that a salesperson must know the right questions to ask, to whom and when to ask them and then have the ability to listen to the responses so as to ascertain if and how they should move the process forward, ultimately ending with a win-win scenerio for all parties involved.

Catherine B. Blake

I find myself asking the same question.

Selling is leadership.

It’s cutting a new path toward success.

You can’t sell if you can’t lead, and you can’t lead if you can’t sell.

When sales professionals focus on refining their leadership skills, results happen.

Having said this, some of the greatest leaders who have walked this earth were the most humble.

And, that’s something for all of us to think about.

Catherine B. Blake
Sales Protocol International
580 Bay Road
Durham, New Hampshire 03824
01+ 603 828 7312
Sales | Marketing | Media Relations

Garth Moulton

I've been reading your blog for a while now- good stuff. Don't lose the passion!
I stole my knee jerk definition of sales from the movie "Wall Street." Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) tells his dad that he isn't in sales, and he replies," You call people you don't know and ask for money- that's sales!"
Obviously, there is much more to sales than this, but it's fun to say:-)
I think of salespeople as translators between a person who has something and a person who needs something. Every techie out there thinks that there is a product that is so necessary that there doesn't need to be a salesperson to perform the translation. Every salesguy knows that at least in the B2B world, this is false.
Garth Moulton
Co-Founder Jigsaw

Michael Pedone

Hi Gerhard - Congrats on the new blog. Looking forward to being a regular visitor.

Scott Marker

Like always Gerhard, great insight.

This should have a lot of sales managers and sales professionals thinking or maybe not?

I am amazed when I talk to fellow sales professionals about their favorite sport. It is amazing into how much detail many can breakdown both team’s strengths and weaknesses.

The question is… “Can they do the same thing to their own game which is sales?” What are their strengths and weakness? In each of the stages of sales, qualifying, prospecting, closing or, most importantly, retaining good customers.

Sales professionals and sales managers need to breakdown their sales games. I challenge sales managers at their next sales meeting to talk about sports. Let their sales team talk about football, baseball, golf or mixed martial arts and listen for the detail. Ask lots of questions, “What’s so good about your favorite team?” “Who is the star on the team?” “Who is their top competitor?” “What are your favorite team’s strengths?” “What are their weaknesses?” “What are the competitions strengths?” And on and on.

Sales managers and sales professionals will also be amazed at the detail and passion people have for their favorite sports teams and favorite athletes. Why can’t they have that same detail and passion in own profession, sales?

The sports mindset is a must to reach the top levels of the sales game. The question I will leave you with is why do people put so much time learning and studying their favorite sports teams but will not put the same time and passion into learning and improving their own sales game?

Thanks again Gerhard for helping me and others, always be thinking of ways to improve our ourselves and our game.

Scott Marker

20-year B2B sales veteran
“Salesman with a dream”
Author & Publisher

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