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Larry Duckworth

Goo post re coaching.

The job of all leaders is to "enable heroes." This includes for Sales Leaders.

B2B sales people are a special breed, with strong pride, self-confidence, high energy and competitive spirit. They need space, but it must be the right space.

Activities are part of that, and skills and methods are vital also, as a "3rd dimension" success factor. Also coach them on some proven Hows in key areas, such as:
+ Prospecting success (I recommend SOAR Selling);
+ Being a trusted adviser initially, and avoid being a peddler;
+ "Communisuasion(tm) skills (communicating persuasively);
+ How to provide Unique Value positioning versus alternatives (including what they are doing internally now, and versus competitors);
+ Where applicable, how be be a consultant, to lead minds to new places that the prospect likes;
+ How to win the "criteria battles that win the sales wars;"
+ And many other, often intangible, How methods.

Thanks for the post!

Larry Duckworth

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