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Larry, I love the idea of using it to improve quality as opposed to increasing activities, which is the focus of so many gamification projects. Activities are too easy to manipulate, especially in a CRM system; once reps know what triggers their 'points' it is too easy for them to game the system.

Larry Duckworth

Very good post! To me gamification often is a placebo only, and can be mis-directing.

The basics are always in vogue:
+ Right sales people for the right sales roles, per prospects' expectations and solution complexity. Mis-matches are very expensive. For example, Relationship selling (high customer touch need but low complexity), is very different form Consultative Selling of a complex solution to a prospect with high touch needs. Thus salesperson selection is the starting pint of success or disappointment.
+ The Unique Value positioning is right, so sales people are not pushing a rope.
+ In addition to the deal process milestones being tracked (Suspect to Lead..., etc.), the "third dimension" deal QUALITY elements are actively tracked and scored (1-5). Just a few are:
-Talking directly to the Decision Maker
- Decision maker is the Champion
- Compelling change needs/pains exist that will fuel a purchase
- In use nine others also (larry@rareagent.com).

Gamification CAN be used in this last area, Deal Quality. While "Quality is never out of style," gaining Quality status is hard, so gamification motivation, and resulting visibility, can be helpful.

Larry Duckworth, 404-307-0033

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