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I absolutely agree that "behavior change is the key factor to (sales) success." and that mindset is the cause of behavior. For some salespeople, helping them understand how easy it is to do something is enough to get them to do it. They likely had the right "do whatever it takes" mindset to begin with.

Where it usually falls short is what studies by the Objective Management Group of over 800,000 sales people across all industries have revealed. Approximately 6% of salespeople are those elite ones who have both the aptitude and skills to be able to give you this type of information about buyers. 20% do well, but could make some improvements. (They get the easy to do stuff and run with it) Of the remaining 74% of salespeople, 25% shouldn’t be in sales at all. So leaves 49% that could improve with work because they are trainable and coachable. That is still almost half of your sales team being ineffective. Even if they know what they should, and when they should do it by, most still don't. Why?

They haven't truly addressed their mindset, taken ownership of the weaknesses, and made their own investment in their development. The desire and commitment isn't there, it has just become lip service.

The scary part is that individual mindsets and weaknesses scale throughout an organization like a virus. Reinforcement with 1-1 coaching is key to changing those individual mindsets and behaviors.

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