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I think LaVon is spot on, well 99%. The higher up the corporate ladder you get the less value the client gets from social chit chat. You do however need to understand whether they are someone who likes personal information or does not. Then adapt accordingly. Also the emphasis on the conversation needs to be on subjects much broader than your offering. This allows the relationship to be less situational as long as you are always bringing value. The key thing is intimacy. Do you care and show you care about the success of the person, and that does not mean you need to know their gold handicap.

John Pyron Sales Training

Better rapport makes sales easier. This is the single biggest reason why you should develop great rapport with your customers. When customers believe that you share many common traits with them, they are more likely to buy from, and support your business efforts.


Interesting article, but I feel that building rapport needs to be a little more personal and not just based on what value your product brings to the company. As you said, you are selling to the individual human being, so "likeability" of the salesperson does matter. Smiles do count. As does finding a commonality or something to break the ice and make you appear human as well - why not try a little humor, or just talk about the weather for a few minutes (everyone like a sunny day).

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