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@GrowMyRevenue - thanks so much for the comments. Comparing sales training to learning golf is such a great analogy. Both require attention to the details of your approach, adjustments to the external environment and inner voice, and consistent practice to be very successful.



You hit the nail on the head! I always tell organization that if you don't have a plan to reinforce and internalize a program, then you are better off hiring a juggler or a magician instead of paying for sales training.

If you were learning golf, you'd know that a lesson alone is not going to give you everything you need. You'd practice the fundamentals and adjust based on feedback. Ultimately, you'd need to incorporate your newly learned skills into your regular game. If not, then in a pressure situation, you'll revert back to your old habits.

The same holds true for sales education. Bottom line is that results are all that matters when it comes to effective sales education. I've yet to uncover the secret for a one-shot session to produce lasting results without reinforcement.

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