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Nice article. Though, in the end, both marketing and sales have the very same goal - bringing leads into and closing the deal. Afterwards they still have the same purpose of holding the customer and making sure they are brand-loyal.

Gary Johnson

Bill, great article. As a consultant, I see silos all the time between not only sales and marketing but sales and production. Getting everyone on the same page with the same goal of "wowing the customer" and being sure everyone knows what "wow" looks like is critical.



Great topic. Thank you for sharing wonderful insight.

I find that one of the challenges is in how we measure sales vs. marketing. Someone once determined that the best way to measure marketing was by the number of "leads" they generate. This means that marketing tries to cast as wide a net as possible. Salespeople then have to chase every opportunity to determine which ones are worth pursuing.

One way to be in alignment is to define clearly the problems you solve for your ideal client. Essentially, what would make someone a perfect fit? Marketing then works to figure out where people "hang out" who face that challenge. Sales is aligned to confirm that the need exists.

That simple approach has driven great results for many companies. Just be sure you are thinking from the same side of the table as your customer (advice I'm sure you'd share with your clients, too).

Thanks for taking the time to teach such a valuable topic. Feel free to share this other article that might also be of value to your readers: http://www.growmyrevenue.com/4091/why-you-cant-separate-sales-and-marketing/


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