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September 10th, 2004 for me (member #1088602). I didn't realize I was such an early adopter of LinkedIn.

I agree that indiscriminate connecting is not the best strategy. I'm pretty open minded about accepting connection requests, anybody in my industry is fine, anybody that is a 2nd degree connection is fine too. If they start spamming me with sales pitches its easy enough to sever the LI connection.


I've been a member since June 24, 2004 (member# 768289) and agree that LinkedIn is greatly underutilized and misunderstood. I'm currently in a job search and have found LinkedIn to be invaluable for finding how I'm connected to potential job opportunities. Many of which are though former colleagues I would have otherwise lost touch with over the years.

One convention I've adhered to over the years is to on only connect with people I have some kind of business relationship. There have been exceptions, but as a rule I find that it has provided more value than having meaningless connections. Before sending or accepting a request, I answer the question "How do you know...".

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