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Michael Pedone

The problem is this... 98% of the time this objection is a stall. I prefer to ELIMINATE these types of stalls from happening, rather than try and deal with with them.

If you are getting this type of sales objection / stall often, it is because YOU FAILED TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS ON THE PREVIOUS CALL.

The "We Are Still Considering Other Options" is usual sign that:

1 - You aren't speaking with the real decision maker. (It’s OK if you are not speaking the ultimate decision maker but its NOT ok if you DON’T KNOW they aren’t the real decision maker. Your sales strategy will adjust depending on the persons role that you are speaking with. If you think they are the real DM and they are not, you are going to use the wrong strategy most of the time)

2 - You did NOT get commitment that the problem (that your solution solves) exists and or that they are committed to wanting a solution.

3 - You failed to identity what their ideal solution looks like or would be

4 - You failed to identify their time frame

5 - You failed to identify HOW their decision will be made

6 - You failed to qualify them on price

7 - You failed to identify what the next steps are for moving forward.

These are all critical sales steps that you missed (or don’t know how to execute) on the previous sales call.

When you learn to map out and how to execute / intertwine all the key elements you need to know in order to WIN the Sale into a conversation, you will no longer have to deal with this type of an objection.

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