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Preston Tate

I agree with all of the pointers. Especially "Tonality" and "Consultative". When working over the phone you can give the customer a good feeling about you and whether you are helpful, sincere and just overall pleasant to work with at that time. People are very smart these days and they do not like to be sold, but they do like to be informed so they can make thier own decision about whether to work with you or your company. Once you have informed them, then you close the sale.


I think all these tips are great! I would like more information on qualifying or maybe in my business, qualifying is not essential. We sell based on value.. if I qualified everyone.. my pipeline and my resources would be diminished. Our objective is to sell the value, over the cost. Trial value..

Tamora L Williams

I found each tip to be very helpful & will apply it to my business.


Great reminders. I think there's always room for improvement in each of these areas. This is a terrific checklist during those times when things stall or slow down a bit.

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