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Corey Weiner, Editor Troubleshooter

Neuroscience of marketing and selling, as this author points out candidly, has shifted.

Ways to skin the cat and drive new business exist nevertheless. However, what is disturbing is this:

many in a position to buy - vice president, line manager, hiring manager, purchasing agent, even medium-sized company CEO - have micro attention spans.

That is due to smart phones and fast internet.

Marketers go on TV selling phones and technology touting SPEED because they have run out of anything else to promote.

So the typical American business person is busy - or at least is expected to be busy.

And their brains, despite college educations and business schooling - can hold the amount of information as a fourth grader.

So you want to have unique proposition or "headline" for them specifically for them or their industry as this author states clearly in her expertise.

Corey Weiner, B2B Editor & Troubleshooter

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