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Russ Ackerman

I think one of the key issues here is that a sales manager is much more than just a good sales person or a manager. A sales manager must also be a leader. He/she must have the ability to influence others. Most top sales people will not make great managers because they are not usually team players. They are concerned about themselves.
They are very competitive and like to work on their own.
To be an outstanding manager you must be a team player and be concerned about the overal success of the company

Stephen Anderson

Management is a skill, it is teachable to some extent but sometimes the people you to teach that to do not understand how to acquire that skillset. It is possible that they might be able to working two different areas, but in all likelihood if they are in one area where they need an aggressive personality, that very characteristic is going to prevent them from being an effective manager.

Sometimes it is more important to keep someone in place and find some other way to reward them. Even if it means them leaving to take a management position elsewhere.


Terrific post. Such a timely reminder that serving effectively as a manager is a very different task from managing one's own performance. One might think this would be universally recognized, but it's clearly not. Thanks for sharing.


And---- why would you take a top salesperson off the street?

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