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Patti Pokorchak

"Born' sales people can get A LOT better through training. For them, it's learning to listen, and not talk as much. There is a process and it's not show up and throw up on people, telling them everything you know.

It's the introverts who make the best sales professionals as they are more deliberate, caring and questioning. It's all about the questions and answers that make an outstanding sales person. I use to be really shy and quiet but have sold millions of dollars of 'stuff' around the world via phone, fax, email and mainly F2F.

Mike Boyle


Interesting comment and one we here as sales trainers and consultants hear on a regular basis.

In my mind while there are clear behaviours and characteristics at play with high powered sales success, personality style has no basis in science when considering ultimate sales success. In fact all the studies we have seen show that a mid point between introversion and extraversion is where the top performers sit.

Lets be honest Zig Ziglar's midwife did not say upon his arrival into the world " wow look a great salesman has been born!"

You are spot on though about fear and fear management in sales people. Seth Godin quite rightly states in the wonderful book Purple Cow pages 45/46:

" So it seems that we face 2 choices: to be invisible, anonymous, uncriticised, and safe, or take a chance at greatness, uniqueness, and the cow"

Be bold sales people and thrive in this uncertain world.

Mike Boyle

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