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John Goldacre


Very valuable points and a must read for every sales manger.. If this was a managers bible failure is not an option.. Thank you for sharing

John Goldacre
Managing Director
GoldAcre Estates

Wayne Goodrich

Thanks for a good post Norman. Your point 6 is one of the most frustrating, for two reasons. In sales organisations people think they're too rushed to slow down and review what these obstacles might be. So it's a culture of urgency that prevents sales chiefs from taking the time to analyze what might be happening. Second, the resources they need are often so simple to find and implement, but those in charge assume the solution is too complex. Things like sales force automation tools can be a huge help in speeding up the sales cycle, getting more day to day productivity out of reps, and giving reps the tools, collateral and data to keep them focused on closing deals. solutions like perenso help solve this easily and with no IT dept required http://www.perenso.com

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