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Lucas Davis

Some really great information and advice. I never realised the staggering cost of presentations and it is even more shocking when you realise just how many presentations are made every day. I really like the tip about shortening the presentation when you practice. Do you think the use of PowerPoint has an influence? They almost restrict audience participation although there is some weight on the speaker to get the audience involved.

Greg Hobbs

OMG, don't get me started on prsentations. As previously stated, everyone is always selling whether they realize it or not, right?

Internal presentation by a product manager. Dosen't the product manager have to get the participants to "buy into" what he is presenting? You said, of course he does, right?

Isn't the old paradigm, do a presentation, overcome objections and close, close, close? Unfortunately, aren't the vast majority of sales people still doing just that or some slight variation of that? You said yes to that, right?

If a presentation looks like a presentation, sounds like a presentation or feels like a presentation, then you did it wrong, didn't you?

The best presentation you will ever give is the one the prospect never sees. Can I get an AMEN???

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