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Brendon Ross

That is a great breakdown of social media strategy into the simplest terms. I think it starts with content. Good content will bring in good customers and will build relationships. This allows for good communication which is one of the most important components of a social media strategy (it is called "social" for a reason, after all). Word of mouth is now more important than ever because of these open forums of communications. A person can become an advocate for your brand, as well as the opposite. The collaboration aspect is a little trickier I feel, but I am optimistic that in the months and years to come, businesses will become better at this and we will all be able to grow from hearing about those doing it right.

Great post!

Peter Ostrow

Social Selling is real, and it works. If you're not collaborating, listening and participating, your competitors are. More details: http://bit.ly/19QuJ6U

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