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So after reading this article, I came to the conclusion that when trying to close down a sale on the golf course, one should wait until the end of the game before making any proposition. This way you'll be more informed about the client and his needs. Knowing his weak points or his strong points will help make a better deal.

Jon Birdsong


Great post. We are providing 3 months of Rivalry free to any VP of Sales who can beat our CEO in an 18 hole match.


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Ken Pikulik

Nice article. I've had a lot of experience with sales people on and off the golf course and the true nature of a person does become incredible transparent on a golf course. In one case in particular I was shocked at what I saw by my host and afterward I chose to re-evaluate some of the information that had been provided to me prior to our round. Needless-to-say, a round of golf is not enough to overcompensate for misleading a prospect and his sales manager was made aware of this when the sale went somewhere else.


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