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It's quite possible that sales managers contribute to counter-productive practices in your sales team. As this article puts it, there are managers who possibly protect sales reps with poor performance. To a certain extent, their leadership might also contribute to their reps' poor sales generation.

trish bertuzzi

Wait, I am being dense. Can you help me? Here is what I read..

On quota 22.2% attrition

Missing quota 18.6% attrition

Almost making quota 5.6%

How does this all tie together? Isn't it better to almost make quota than to miss quota? What is the moral of this attrition to quota achievement story? Help me.....

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If you're looking for predators when you hire, you're going to end up with people who will do anything–including screwing your company–in order to make the sale. In other words, take responsibility for creating the problem. Then fix it.

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