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What do the winning sales vice presidents at these companies realize about selling that others don’t? They know that mining and leveraging their data –- data about their markets, customers, and products – is the ultimate opportunity for improving sales effectiveness.

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Increase in sales can be achieved by seeking for money at the bottom of the pyramid.
In a tough market , not more that 10% of consumers would be in the premium segment which will give high profits to the company. But there are 2 dozen competitors running after them.
The other 90% is not looked at by most of the competition. This is primarily because this market requires the salesperson to understand the sensitivities of the consumer which is a complex process.
However, this 90% can fetch us great volumes else the role of a salesperson would be nothing more than a delivery-boy which is not so.Companies do not like to look at 90% of the market which is money at the bottom of the pyramid and help sustain companies and make huge transnational organizations of them.

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