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Saurabh Khetrapal

"buyers want to deal with likeable salespeople"

Couldn't agree more! And likeable salespeople know that buyers want to be treated like people. It's about building some kind of rapport, not just looking at someone as "another lead."

celine bag

i read it,With new social CRM solutions such as Nimble or Reachable, geographic territories will be giving way to social proximity, in which leads are assigned to salespeople who have the best social connection with prospects.www.celinebag.net

Michael Harris

Great post.
Have you ever had one of those days where everything went right and others when it all went wrong? You followed the same process and did the same things. The only difference was that you were on. Likewise, have you ever seen someone who didn’t follow the process and their delivery was terrible, but they got away with it. Why? They had it. And Richard Branson clearly has it.You know he used to be very shy and his mother would tell him to stop thinking of himself when he was feeling shy and start to think of others. You can add that to your list Gerhard.
I think we don’t focus enough on this in sales training. We focus on sales process and what to do. But if you look at sports, it’s the mental game that makes the difference.
Why is this ignored? Maybe sellers and buyers of sales training think it’s too personal. Perhaps they don't feel that they belong there. I really don't know, however, I think that it's a shame because I think it could make a big difference and perhaps the rest is just training at the margin.

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