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Good insight into selling part art, part of science. Sales personnel are often very intuitive, this is not a bad thing, but it is a risk factor, because the process and execution is the key sales success. Proof process and brittle executive drive results.

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Marketing really does involve science and art. Art because creativity can be used and science because of psychology. Combine creativity and the knowledge on consumer’s behavior, then you have the advantage in marketing.


I think the stigma of sales is the customer feeling like a number and then after the sale its next. That may be exaggerated a little but not far from the truth. I do believe there needs to be some tact and that part of it would be art while product knowledge would be the science end of the equation. In the end sales management is looking for numbers and hence we come full circle. To bolster sales skills consider an online sales management training course from a top university. http://www.usanfranonline.com/online-courses/sales-training.aspx

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Yep, sales people need to see the bigger picture

Kevin Graham

Excellent insight into selling as part art, part science. Sales professionals tend to be highly intuitive, and that's not a bad thing; but it is a risk factor because process and execution are critical for sales success. Proven process and crisp execution drive results.

I love the part about the important outcome of a meeting - how the executive feels toward taking action.

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