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excel development

Hi! Every company is different so I can only tell you what I look for in a person I am hiring for Sales Management. I look for a persons drive in how they answer my questions. Alot of my questions are irrelevant, I am just testing someones conventionalism and reaction time. I look for the drive in a person by their willingness to win at all costs (with respect for quality of course). I want someone who can drive and motivate others at the same time develop those reporting to him and understands the importance of developing his/her team.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

Thomas McLendon

The message here really hits home because this fits our industry perfectly. There have been so many dynamics that have changed we must change from the ways have always operated. Is there anybody that could send me a good "coaching review form" that I could use with my sales team? I need something to use with each territory manager. Thanks, Thomas McLendon


Resolution #5 - I will make sure that all the different software programs that I use work together, thus making my life more streamlined and efficient. People often complain that they are managing their sales from one crm program and their time management from a different application. Now Clarizen and Salesforce have data integration that allows your online crm system to "talk" to your online project management software. And it integrates with Microsoft too.

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