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Sales management consulting

You mention truth issue on that stuff. I think you described it in a professional way. I hope you go further in this way, with your excellent way of writing articles.


I've had a conversation with someone about that a few days ago. We are talking about how our business is changing because of the fact that people are basically attached to their mobile phones all the time. It means that there are more points during the day when we can reach out to our prospective and existing clients, and also, like you said, use the CRM platforms to better nurture the existing relationships with clients. There's a lot of potential in mobile.

Thomas Barrieau

Great article Mike. Another datapoint that highlights the increasing use of mobile technology by sales...

Clare Gillan at IDC just posted the following on LinkedIn: "SAP CTO Bussmann deployed 3,000 ipads to its sales team in 6 weeks! To 100% of sales via self-enrollment" SAP? THAT is a big sign of just how much even big companies are moving to mobile CRM.

At our company, considerably smaller than SAP, we find iPads the ideal means of sharing presentations and data files with clients in settings smaller than a board room (e.g., at Starbucks or in their office). It's much less awkward to view things on a device you can easily pass back and forth than a laptop. Making it easier to gather customer data at the same time, on the same device is a logical extension of that experience.

Times are changing and sales productivity solutions vendors, including CRM companies, had better have a good mobile strategy in place.

Gregory Schieffer

As an Internet marketer who has just begun to understand how it works using a computer, I have to admit smart phones are becoming big players in automated sales. Just when I'm starting to get comfortable with my computer skills and a little success, the rules change. Go figure? Here's to the future and being part of the most dynamic animals on earth, I'll start over, Doh!
Thanks, Greg

alan marsh

what CRM means is client relationship management.

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