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Ink cartridges

Hy Michael.
this post clearly shows your experience and hard work. thanks for sharing your awesome resources. you really changes my mind in blog writing as well as in sales also.


Great comments! To Chris' question, I don't think it matters whether or not you are long term with a customer -- many orgs have a goal to keep hard fought customer relationships for a long time if not for-ever. The goal is not to fail customers but fail opportunities that aren't progressing so that scarce resources are optimized on the best opportunities, regardless of customer. Go ahead -- be honest, clean out your pipe of losing fodder. You and your org will be the better for it! Good luck and good selling!

Mike Marzarella


Thanks for sharing. Great information in here and I could not agree more!


Chris Kohtz

I'm in a business in which we represent a service/product in a "closed universe". There is literally ONE target/client in each of our major markets which no alternative so we have a very singular "pipeline". Additionally, the contact(s) at that client tend to be the same person, often for many years, resulting in very slow sales cycles.

Understanding that "a more appealing/relevant product matters, beyond that, how might one apply the concept of fail faster to such a setting where, tomorrow, you know you face the same client again.

Scott Lohmann

Great article, I agree. You may want to grab hold of the best business practices from this, from your top 3 reps, and use their methodology for either adding or deleting from the Pipeline. Most times your best reps have this down.

Paul Alves

Great post Michael. I could not agree more, a clean , accurate pipeline give you more time to focus on the deals that can close as well as adding more quality opportunities to work.

Paul Alves

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