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This is excellent, thank you Matt.

I love selling in a down economy because it scares many of the weaker competitors off. They tend to put all their skill and energy into convincing their boss why they can't sell, rather than into building outstanding value for their customers.

Best regards to you.

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Real Estate Investor

I found this article to be extremely helpful. I found that providing specific examples of positive results has helped my career immensely.

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Thank you for sharing!

Nick Moreno

Let's hope we don't have to sell in a down economy much longer... but if we do... Matt offers some great advice.

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I'd rather live my life knowing that I'm not perfect, than spending my whole life pretending to be.

Tricia Hawkins Thomas

I read every word of this well written article, although I did not understand it fully, I did get the big picture, and that was thatthis author completely understands the art of selling and is most capable of helping others to do the same. I learned and was most impressed . Do hope that many will benefit from this article and find success in selling through the insight gained by reading this . AND , son , I'm so very proud of you!!!!! Mom

Barry Czachura

Excellent and succinct article. I was particularly taken with #4 and #5. How many offers does each of us receive each day that are going to "save" us money, with nothing offered to show how, and #5, even with social media I tend to forget the six degrees of separation is real! Who knows but that you may use the same accounting firm etc. that could provide a connection!

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