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This is right on. Social business is no longer just the future... but now its the present! I used to buy and sell my Used College Textbooks all the time back in school. Now so much has changed with the internet and what is available. Excited to see how technology with the right forward-thinking mindset will continue to change our society in the future.

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This article is very enriching. I am engrossed with such information about the power of social business nowadays. Nice post!


This article is a fantastic reminder of the power of blogging and social media. In all of the examples cited, positive results were attained by joining in and listening to a conversation. The key is to sharpen your listening skills so you do not miss out on an opportunity. Sometimes people are calling out for help without saying it directly in these conversations.

Blogging also puts you in touch with the very people who have first hand knowledge. Yes, some of them are the subject matter experts, but often the comments yield more about the matter than the post itself. I see the initial post as the catalyst to the true exchange of useful information. Again, we must be willing to participate and listen carefully.


The reason that blogging works so well for HubSpot is because they sell inbound marketing solutions to social media savvy prospects with less than 500 employees. These people are searching - and they find HubSpot. Groovy for them! What if your ideal customer doesn't match this profile and doesn't search and digest content? I've found that social selling, social media, and social business is absolutely more effective for selling to marketing minded folks and small businesses (HubSpot catches the lucky intersection of the two). Let's face it - part of the job of marketers is to stay up on this stuff. Does anyone have examples of selling $100k plus solutions to companies with $100m+ in revenue where the initial executive level traction came via blogs? Perhaps we just aren't blogging enough or need to blog around better keywords.

I'm starting to believe that the mix of inbound/outbound is very dependent on what you are selling and who you are selling to. From my experience SVPs of Sales with big quotas at larger companies just don't have the time or inclination to read blogs. These all encompassing statements about social media and prescriptions for sales organizations to blog are hazardous.

I'm headed to the Inc. 500 conference in DC this weekend and plan to ask these CEOs the same question. Would love to see the thought of the SellingPower community here. Am I nuts or just doing something wrong?

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