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Dick Orlando

Refreshing read to start the sales day. It's our job as sales profressionals to always be on our game to engage the prospect, keep their interest in our solution and move the sale process along in a positive manner. Simple- but this article points out that the BEST professionals stay focused and prepare for their audience.


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Performing Arts

Great article and as well as great tips, Im into performing arts and i love reading these tips.


Great post I enjoyed it especially since it has a different twist than the usual Sales tip. Just to add to rule#7 what I heard from one of my mentors that its good to have a chorus line that means a line that you memorize and whenever you get flustered and don't know how to proceed you just say your chorus line an example, based on what I shared with you today are you ready to go ahead with the order.

carmen rubino, jr

Great article. Thank you for pointing out the need to 'warm up'. I tell my sales people all the times, iconic bands like Stones, etc, always do a sound check. They just dont go out their and wing it - no matter how long they have done it. If you wing it - you just may get your wing, clipped!


I love the "yes and ...." comment. It is a perfect way to acknowledge what they said and open yourself & everyone else to other possibilities

Julie Hansen

I admire your commitment to letting go of intentions and goals in order to be completely open and focused on the buyer. Not an easy skill to master! It is akin to an actor who must learn his lines, but come performance time, trust that he knows them and react and respond to his scene partner in the moment. If this is done correctly, no two performances will ever be the same.

Often in sales we get so focused on our lines or goals that we miss the smaller nuances or intent of what is being communicated. As Gerhard said, making associations is a great way to get out of that habit. I have also found that focusing on making “discoveries” when listening to a buyer, i.e., what is different, what is new about this client/situation, helps to remove some of that automatic filtering that takes place in our heads. As for exercises, improvisation offers many great reacting and listening games that force sellers to stay in the present moment and learn to trust and react from their gut. Thanks for your thoughts!

gerhard gschwandtner

Thank you for your interesting comment. I applaud your approach. I'd go one step further. Next time focus on "inner listening" and become aware of some of the associations you are making while your customer speaks. Then trust your instincts and create your response based on the ideas that the customer evoked in you. This will lead to richer conversations and a greater conversational bond with your customers.

mharris InsightDemand.com

Great article. Thanks. The main thing I learned from Acting is that “Acting is about Reacting”. So, in a sales call, I will try- sometimes successfully- to just listen to the Buyer and trust that when they finish I will know what to say, instead of listening in order to … make my point, win the argument or make the sale. I guess it boils down to shining your attention on the Buyer instead of your sales process or yourself.

I would love to hear if Julie offers any exercise to help Salespeople discover this truth and see how they can often get in the way of the sale.

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