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McKay Allen - ContactPoint

Great article. Specific information like this is always great. Remember thought that once organization is in place, skills are the key.

Bill Murray

Good article. Bear Bryant was right!

Dirk Beveridge

Ron and Gerhard - great post and insight. One other consideration that should be built early into the process is a focus on mission? I find that it is important to help the sales professional avoid "Marketing Myopia"

To your point of asking the right questions - here are a few others that should begin the territory planning process.

What is my company's business? Do we simply sell products, or do we satisfy other needs as well? Do we foster long-term relationships with buyers? What forms the basis of those relationships?

What is my business? Do I “just” take orders? Or, do I solve problems and give expert counsel to customers in hot pursuit of their own goals? Do I add value that truly improves my customers' businesses? Does my expertise help me build long-term relationships? Does my commitment bring success to others?

Senior exec

Bravo Ron. This article is a terrific roadmap for sales management. You might also like to include the free assessment at http://www.optimalthinking.com/sales-territory-management.php


This article will outline the crucial elements of your territory plan. What you put in it is up to you. If you like, you are granted permission to copy this article and use it as an outline for your own personal territory plan.

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