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Steve Scasta

I particularly like point #3 here. Many companies, particularly large ones, fall in the trap were the sales culture becomes one of back-biting and politics with everyone trying to be top dog.

While you can't get rid of this entirely, management can (and SHOULD) attempt to create a culture that rewards the open and honest exchage of best practices. This probably isn't as large a problem in the small business world where everyone in a company is highly engaged in making sure it survives, let alone prospers.

Thanks for the post.


Senior executive

Each of the three points you have articulated are vital for organizational sales success. I would also include hiring self starters and a much overlooked area, sales territory optimization. When sales territories are inequitable, then sales force motivation and market potential are compromised.


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scott w carpenter

The most important aspect of managing sales knowledge is having the sales community using the knowledge. That means changing the sales culture and that will take much more then 500 airline miles.

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