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Craig Preston

His comment about "why put a chart if you have to explain it?" instantly describes that the author who wrote that has no idea of how to effectively present in a sales environment. If your presentation can be understood without the presenter, you have rendered yourself irrelevant, as opposed to being the person sharing your knowledge and experience. Very remedial presentation techniques.

Part of presenting in today's fast paced and high tech sales environment requires the presenter to differentiate oneself, establish trust, become an adviser - none of which happens if the material being presented does not require explanation.

Sorry, I usually like your articles, but this one is WAY off base.

Jonathan London

Here are some things I do to keep it interactive:

- I will have my picture show up on slides
- I will have different quizzes and tests
- I might call on somebody
- I will use a sense of humor with pictures
- I follow Seth Godin's model as best I can with fewer words
- i chat to people

Of course, you cannot do some of these things if you are presenting to a HUGE audience, but you can do many of them.

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