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Account Deleted

Great Job, Steve! Let me continue your 'research' with two my 'findings'. The major trends in the CRM world are Social CRM (http://bit.ly/mm1gMF) and merger of BPM and CRM (http://bit.ly/jAyoCV). Hence I think it would be suitable to place the following ratios:

Social CRM 40 million results
Social CRM failure 4.3 million results
Failure percentage: 10%

BPM 48.1 million results
BPM failure 3.8 million results
Failure percentage: 7.9%

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CRM implementations are also affected by a number of underlying forces that impact the perceived success of a CRM initiative. A company should consider a number of CRM realities to help ground the organizational mindset, establish realistic expectations, and give a CRM implementation an even playing field on which to succeed.


Steve Gillman

Interesting way to gain new perspective. It reminds me of an article I read on "search engine anthropology." Apparently many more people search "find a date" than "find a meaningful relationship," for example. Not sure how much we can read into these things as cultural indicators, but it is interesting.

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