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Ken Jondahl

It is always refreshing to see a focus on process improvements which include sales and marketing. Unfortunately too many of the business world appear to consider one of their most expensive business processes, (revenue generation), not to be a process after all.

The numbers speak for themselves, only ~20% of the audience in the talk above had a standard sales process/method in place.

Account Deleted

Thank you for this post. For me it was like a gulp of fresh air - so many inspiring ideas.
Let me put my two cents. First of all, about consultants with knowledge that expired 20 years ago. I think contemporary world revolves at greater pace,
hence business ideas that may be considered as mind-blowing today, will become ubiquitous 2 years later :)

Second, I would really appreciate, if somebody shares his/her vision on Business Process Management solutions. Since we're talking a lot about dealing with ever-changing market, I'd like to know your opinion of using professional tools for handling this issue.

Wim @ Sales Sells

Value, innovation, enthusiasm, trust and integrity. Thanks for reminding us of the keywords for the future of sales.

Merchant Services

The world changed not only recently but it has always been changing and will continue to change. Companies just need to be aware with the changes in market behavior and cope with them. Marketers should know that. :)

~ Stef

Jonathan London

This is a tremendous example of innovation, using openness, trust and freedom. In itself, it is edgier and differentiated. So, I would also ask what is your differentiation and how is it being messaged?

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