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Roz Bennetts

I can see this going badly wrong except with the most naturally confident of individuals. I like the idea though as it forces sales people to realise their own importance and behave like an executive. It would be situationally dependent for me and I might use it but I wouldn't insist on my 'turf. Sorry to be nitpicky, but the frame isn't lost if you agree to their turf again. I like the sentiment though.


Lame. Mr. Big isn't coming to the meeting because he doesn't see any value in being there. For the same reason, his chances of travelling to you are zero.


Often, when this has happened to me, I've felt that there is a small karmic debt Mr. Big feels towards me... and if I defer the presentation, he'll be even more receptive to me the next time. (btw; that might be Ms. Big, too )

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To bound customer with the organization is one of the most difficult thing in today times. I would say we should give our customers a personalized environment, for example, fixing pictures of big customers at our premises, involving them before launching a new product or taking their recommendations about a potential launch, inviting customers in our functions etc.. All these things are enough to keep the customers as well as getting new ones easily.

Michael Kelly

On the other hand, when I am Mr Big to some salesperson (we all are at some point) and I have a last minute higher priority to take care of (a real one) I might apologize and try to have someone else handle it for me or I might want to reschedule. If the salesperson did what you suggest with anything hinting of the wrong attitude I would probably say forget it. Learning here: respect, but firm. Practice this so you don't come off as someone who just read this and has no clue about how to do it well.

Mobile Proposal Software

I would also add something to your post. Enhancing the customer's buying power is the easiest way to make a sale or to convince anyone to listen what you are saying. Every company can do it provided it has the techniques to do so. Some of the tips can be:
--Provide what customer actually wants
--Customer warehouse where all important information about customers will be stored like their buying habits, spending habits etc so that you can hit them at the best time.
--After sales services for free
--24/7 customer support if possible
--Product differentiation
--Service differentiation


I completely agree that having a good and sound method for anything is the most important thing to get done anything successfully.

The example you gave to frame Mr.Big is again incredible. Your approach to communicate the things is outstanding i must say.

Today, i have learned a new lesson from you. I have been only thinking that saying like this " I dont have time or i can vait for 15 minutes then i have to leave" is worst thing one does and ultimatly loses a potential customer. but after reading your post i am convinced that you are right. If we are well prepared, our ofering is the ultimate need of the customer, and if we are right then why to feel fear? I am with you and will try my b est to communicate this great lesson to my fellows as well. have you also written something about tools to increase sales?

The window and frame example you have given is outstanding. Excellent.

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