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Thanks I'm an artist from Holland..
i get the moral of the story here..
Nice blog though.


John Cousineau

Gerhard, thxs for this post. I agree wholeheartedly with your premise. It's not the tacks we sit on in life which define us; it's how we react to them.

Buyers' have their own, many, tacks which have become burrs in their butts. The adept among us will bring the positive outlook, energy, and sense of humor it takes to make sense of such tacks, put them in perspective, and add some meaningful perspectives.

For what it's worth, that's what I found most of the presentors did at your conference in San Fran last Fall. Looking forward to more of the same next month.

Trust this adds some value. - John

Jeannette Marshall (OptioneerJM)

GREAT insight. I've often said that sales is like acting! Even if you are having a bad day, heard bad news, or disappointed in your commission cheque ... whatever the case may be .... a sales pro has to put on their "game face". I agree, people will tend to buy from those that they feel good around. Having said that, most astute buyers can distinguish among fakes, charismatic and experts.

Many short-lived sales people result from being fakes, not being able to add value or deliver results.

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