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Clever story.
Thanks for sharing.

Dick Orlando

Terrific parable that I'll share with all my sales reps tomorrow. Thank you!
Change in behavior is difficult in the technology industry. Fortunes have been "earned" and "lost" in high tech, yet the lessons of the past need to be re-learned or knowledge of the past needs to be "unlearned" (stolen from Gerhard)in the 2.0 customer driven realities of today. Remember mainframes to mini computers, mini computers to PC's, propietary software to open standard OS, premise based to SaaS, and so on........
Gerhard, thanks for giving me my teachings for this week's sales meeting!


smiled throughout reading your fine story and i will make a copy of the 10 commandments for my own desk.
Now i wonder what real life profession the blacksmith is in :)

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