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Selling Stuff Online

I really appreciate sites that feature a live conversation with a representative, they really save time and makes me feel comfortable about the product that I'm going to buy.

I also agree with Richard Stooker that Amazon customers already know what they want and they only need to read between the price and the book's content. So perhaps the live chat feature is meant for service or product that are new to the market and complex to be fulfilled by a product description.

online selling

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Richard Stooker

Sounds great, but it must have some limits. When people go to Amazon, they already have some idea they want to buy something, and they're searching for the best books on a subject, or the best price.

Making it easier to tailor your offer to the specific needs of B2B customers is great, but those buyers must first be made aware they need the product.

For much selling, nothing will replace a determined, persuasive sales person.


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