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Jonathan London

From my experience, too many people are getting distracted and looking for something magical to help them sell more, be it their company doing something, using social media or something else. As a person who is actively selling his training services and training salespeople, I know this much is true; if you have a good product (great is always better) and a good territory or assignment, then all you need to do is know how to sell. I live it every day. There is too much sales and marketing hyperbole obscuring this truth.


I love Selling Power magazine, but need to un-subscribe from this blog. This is the 9th consecutive article you've posted about Technology and the Nov 8th Conference. For those of us who want to learn and discuss selling skills and management skills, I think 9 posts in a row is drivinig the point home and then some!

As salespeople worry more and more about 'technology', they will spend less time working on their skills. Forward thinking, desire, rapport building, problem solving and perseverence will never be substituted by AI, gadgets or faster software.

Enjoy the conference in November.
I'll be looking forward to the next 'print' issue of Selling Power.

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