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Darryl Miller

Old school sales dead? Hell, I guess I didn't get that notification. I don't know that the techie industries ever got "old school" in the first place. I don't think of spamming and cold calling as old school--but to me are quite modern. Selling to business people is about being with the decision makers face to face, engaging in conversation, and doing business. That stuff isn't going away. GOYA (get off your ass ...and sell) simply works.


Great article. I agree with the statement made that Mark Roberge made that the shift has been made between sellers and buyers. The idea of sales people hunting down customers has been declining for a while and customers do not want to be spammed and cold called. Sales people are needed to help customers that have already identified the product/services they need move through the process. Old school sales is dead.

Dave Jarvis

I'd agree that some traditional sales functions will migrate away and that may mean reductions in overall numbers. For instance, hunting for leads by going office to office or lab to lab is no longer acceptable use of a salesperson's time. But I don't see salespeople vanishing as long as there are problems to be solved and trust relationships to be built.

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