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Todd Hockenberry

Salespeople are not becoming extinct but their roles and skills are changing. As buyers change so will salespeople. We will become more wired, more connected to marketing, more focused on customer and their issues, and more relevant as information overload continues.

Like all other profession sales will change and those that do not will get Willy Loman-ed....I think that is the trend of the current economy. the best salespeople will continue to thrive and succeed - in fact they are in more demand now than ever.

Jeff Eskow

I cannot understand or fathom the idea of the sales career becoming an endangered species. Expecially in an age where there are more choices and more options, companies NEED a sales force to promote their products and service their clients.

With the click of a mouse or the dial of a phone, your client can leave you for another firm. A sales person does much more than sell lightning rods or vaccuums door to door. They teach, they explain, they nurture and they build relationships. Your website and your use of social media cannot replace the humanity of a salesperson who cares about you, your problems and your desire to solve them.

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