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Do you use maps during the conversation?
Do you show the client the maps?

Dr. John Pliniussen

Very important topic and mindmap, G. The crucial point you make, for me, relates to providing rigorous feedback/training so the account reps become account pros because we all know that "what gets measured gets done".

Sali Frado

I personally like the idea of not "getting sidetracked by nice but unimportant." I will definitely use these concepts on my next call!!!


Some great food for thought!

Your 3rd point is well taken with regard to the time. I've met several reps who feel that the confirmation of the allotted time is asking for trouble. Personally, I would rather know my landscape upfront than have any surprises.

Paul Castain

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Excellent point to be considered in the prep phase

Dave Brock

Gerhard, I like this mindmap. It serves as a good basis for planning high impact sales calls.

It does, however, seem to be missing a critical component: What's in it for the customer to participate in the conversation, why should they invest their time?

Until the sales person can answer that question, they should not conduct the meeting. Regards, Dave

Bobby Cintolo

Great recommendations

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