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Tamra Call Prospects

When someone opts in as a lead, you already know they are seeking for an solution to their problem. However, where most salespeople fail is that they try to pre-define what the problem is and cookie cut their solution.

Without taking the time to talk to the prospect and get inside their head to understand exactly what their problem is, you are flying blind.

Keeping your focus on your prospect and not your solution will give them a sense that you genuinely do care about their problems.

Here are a few tips to help get the conversation started by going to http://internetmarketingstrategiesinfo.com/articles/calling-your-prospects-will-increase-your-lead-conversion-ratio.

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Thanks for an excellent article! I appreciate your insights and agree with what you wrote.

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Nice way to define sale trigger.

Craig Elias - Creator of Trigger Event Selling

Gerhard hits the nail squarely on the head.

As the creator of Trigger Event Selling™, and having spent almost 20 years harnessing them to a top sales person, I have a deep understanding of the events that trigger dissatisfaction.

When talking about Trigger Events it’s critical to understand a decision maker’s three buying modes, the typical activity associated with each buying mode, and the Trigger Events that shift decision makers from one buying mode to the next.

It does not matter what you sell or who you are selling to, buyers are always in one of three Buying Modes:

1. On one end of the spectrum is Status Quo. This is when a decision maker is happy with what they have and see no reason to consider an alternative solution.

2. On the other end of the spectrum is Searching for Alternatives. Here decision makers are unhappy with what they have and are actively searching for alternative solutions.

3. The lesser known of the three buying modes is called the Window of Dissatisfaction - http://WindowOfDissatisfaction.com. It exists between Status Quo and Searching for Alternatives. In this buying mode a decision maker knows what they have no longer meets their needs but they are so busy Searching for Alternatives for other more important problems that they have not found time to start looking for alternatives for what they are unhappy with…YET!

The first Trigger Event is one that makes someone want something different. This Want Trigger Event pushes them out of Status Quo and shifts them into the Window of Dissatisfaction. Our research shows the average close ratio is 75% when you get to these decision makers, before your competition.

The next Trigger Event is typically one that has people understand that they can afford to do something about the problem and they move into the buying mode of Searching for Alternatives. Research shows that those who recently experience an Afford Trigger Event are up to 8X more likely to buy.

Typically they don’t buy after the second Trigger Event, they need a third one – the Justify Trigger Event - that helps them justify their decision to others. This is typically their superiors, their subordinates, or their spouse.

All three Trigger Events can be excellent opportunities to make a sale but the important thing is to harness the first one to start the relationship building process when you have no competition. In doing so you position yourself as the first person to get called when the 'Afford' Trigger Event happens.

The challenge as I see it is that most sales people are not Trigger Event happy enough and they wait until the second Trigger Event - the 'Afford' Trigger Event - before taking action.

P.S. If you want to learn more about the Window of Dissatisfaction or Trigger Events you’ll find more details at http://WindowOfDissatisfaction.com and http://TriggerEventSelling.com

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