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Before he said his first word, he had begun a successful sale. His relaxed appearance, sparkling eyes, sincere smile, and open body language showed his belief in himself and his ability to sell. Think of it: If you had at this moment a Reagan $500 bill in your pocket, wouldn’t this put the sparkle back into your eyes? Now think of having a $50 Reagan bill in your wallet. But more people can get access to a $50 bill than a $500 bill. How many people have seen or even touched a $500 bill?

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Paul Castain

Quite frankly they should have your face on that $500 bill Gerhard.

Your contributions have put more $500 bills in the pockets of the sales profession so it would only be fitting!

With respect and appreciation,
Paul Castain

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Eric Pinola

I think that a $500 dollar bill would help people think bigger again. Our counrty needs something to boost the people; other than a handful of "change."

I have faxed my letter to the congressman.

Kurt D Martin

Agreed that Reagan should be on our currency - well deserved. But more people can get access to a $50 bill than a $500 bill. How many people have seen or even touched a $500 bill?

Love your blog, by the way!

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