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Sal Hakim

Recently I was at one of the leading home decor organizations analyzing their CRM system and how it integrates with their sales process. Due the fact that the sales force didn't have a mapped out sales process, the CRM system was looked at as cumbersome.

CRM systems and other sales 2.0 systems are most effective when the system is tailored to an effective sales process.

Ro0bert Mendez

I remember thinking back when digital was on the rise, how will these guys deal with it. The hardware folks created value in a range of new cameras and amazing software made it all work. I doubt it was the Kodak brand that allowed them to survive, though Wall street saw life and gave them a second chance. The denial piece has caught a lot of former winners flat footed. The most amazing feature of this change is that there are still many companies facing similar challenges, and also very much in denial. Before too much longer, we will see many old time brands simply dissolve.

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