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Revenue Generation Solutions

Gerhard, thanks for the interesting post and definitions of Sales 2.0. I agree with the benefits you listed, especially about creating a culture of value measurement. Additionally, I think Sales 2.0 is really Sales and Marketing 2.0. With some of the solutions you mentioned in your article, one of their objectives is to foster communication between sales, marketing, and management teams to form a culture of collaboration. Sales 1.0 is a culture of disjointed sales and marketing teams. The next generation of technologies such as lead tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing, automation, and sales prospecting encourages business units to work together. The whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Nike Vandal

If you'll make a guy delighted, tend not to add to his possessions but subtract from his needs. Did you concur with me?

Gerhard Gschwandtner

I am glad that you find value in my writing. In the two Sales 2.0 posts I had 26 links to products or services. Some of them we have done business with, some of them we have not. I am not entirely clear about what language constitutes a "recommendation", but I will pay more attention to this in the future. I can say with 100% clarity that I don't get any compensation from mentioning or linking to these companies in my post, but I do get pressure from those I don't write about. A tough economy leads to more frequent pouting.

Donal Daly

I really enjoy your posts. You're extremely prolific and your insight is always valuable. Your role in our industry is important.

What frustrates me a little though, is that when you recommend a product, service, or company, it's not always clear to your readership what if any commercial relationship you have with those companies. With your leadership position, I believe you have an opportunity - or even an obligation - to show standards for transparency. I think we would all benefit.

Just my opinion.

Donal Daly
CEO, The TAS Group

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