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Dick Orlando

Well done post Gerhard! Accountability for accurate forecasting is the sole repsonsibility of the Sales Leader in any organization. CRM is an essential tool for forecasting, however, the Sales Leader must take ownership for practicing consistency in format, review period, data required (only ask reps for info YOU will read), actively feedback to reps, instill a collaboration culture among reps/first level managers and praise the accurate forecasters publicly. Even with 75% of our software business coming from new accounts, we achieve >90% accuracy monthly. Forecasting accuracy is a reflection of the Sales Leader, not the reps.


My top Blog post was exactly on this subject and gets to the heart of the matter "Forecast, Project or Dart Board" ... which reinforces much of what you say and why forecasting is so important. There is definitely resistance to forecasting which I believe is accountability and projecting conveys a weakness in confidence of a sales team. Lack of accountability means you may as well just have a dart board to pick a number.

Mark Sellers

Another cost Gerhard is one borne over time and therefore might have even higher consequences. A culture of 'we'll never get our forecasting right' has created work arounds to compensate for the deficiency. These have become acceptable business practices that prevent true continuous improvement and progress. Finally, the root cause of forecasting woes isn't a lack of fancy CRM algorithms - it's salespeople not putting opportunities where they really belong on the funnel.

Richard Lane

Gerhard, interesting post. Having spent years struggling with sales forecasts and cajoling sales people into updating CRM, I went on a journey to find a better solution. I found Dealmaker from The TAS Group. The first system I have seen that integrates into your CRM, removes the subjectivity from the forecast process (by embedding sales best practice and process) and, perhaps most importantly, delivers value back to the salesperson because the information they enter gives back important information to them. Helping them to be more successful.

I am a little surprised you didn't take your article further into sales performance automation rather than stopping with Salesforce.com.

Finally I should add a disclaimer that, because of the value I saw from Dealmaker, Engleby Associates is now a Certified Partner for The TAS Group.


Scott Marker

“World-class companies use purposefully built, sales-forecasting software, such as Salesforce.com, that’s integrated with their CRM solution”

Yet, another reason to use a CRM but most companies / sales forces don’t have the disciple to use one everyday to help improve customer service and "Yes", close more sales.

However,... 98% accuracy, I might question that executive, sounds a little too high, even using CRM’s.

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