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Mark S.

The sad part is that practically no real science is done in the field of selling and that is one reason many view selling as a profession only in the everyday sense but not in the legal or academic sense. The most important being the academic sense.

I've heard descriptions of making sales into a profession by getting into colleges and have courses, tests and types of licensing but this still does not cut it.

There are astrology schools and other quack cults out there that do all this but aren't considered professions.

So what's missing? What is at the core of a true profession?

If you think it's creating practitioners then you'd be mistaken. The fundamental role of a true profession is the on going discovery and creation of knowledge. In other words, doing science. Medicine, engineering, law, ... all have this feature.

How many scientific studies do you know about on sales that are published in scientifically reviewed index journals? Is there even a scientific journal on sales? Sorry there isn't any.

That is what is missing.

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